Planning tools

New Year’s Day, one of my favorite holidays, is coming up soon! I don’t really do resolutions, but I find it a useful day off from routines to check in on how life is going.
Here are a few planning-related things I’ve liked in the past few years:

Get Bullish: Design Your 2019

I’ve been filling out this worksheet since 2014. I usually do this in October or November, closer to when it’s published, but New Year’s is good timing too. The paper worksheet format is great for not getting distracted by the internet on your phone or computer. My favorite thing about it is that it encourages you to think about what you want to stop doing.

Book Riot: Read Harder 2019

I attempted this reading challenge for the first time in 2018 (challenge list, my reviews). It gives you a list of non-traditional categories like “A one-sitting book” and “A book with a cover you hate” and you try to read at least one book in each category during the year. I didn’t complete the challenge and I definitely didn’t like every book I read for it, but I appreciated how it pushed me out of my comfort zone of comic books and memoirs. The sponsorship by Libby was also nice because it reminded me of how much I love getting Overdrive books from my public library.

Ink+Volt: 2019 Planner

I use the academic year version of this planner, so I’m halfway through my second year of using Ink + Volt. I rely on digital tools like Gmail and Google Calendar for all of my actual day-to-day planning because I need the ability to change days / times easily and attach contextual information. So even though I call this my planner, I use the weekly view entirely in retrospect, as a tool for noting what I did this week. I use highlighter markers to color-code my events so that I can tell at a glance that “I spent a lot of time with friends this week” or “I haven’t done any activist or volunteer work in a while.”

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